Stats in Salt and Sacrifice (SnS) features the various properties that determine your character's strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they are affected by interactions both in and out of combat. Stats in Salt and Sacrifice can be divided into three categories: Main AttributesCombat Stats, and Defensive Stats. Stats are affected by a number of things. As players level up, they are granted a chance to improve one or more of their Main Attributes which then influences their secondary stats in the other categories. Additionally, your Equipment, Skills and currently active buffs and effects can also affect your Stats.

Players can check their Stats by opening the main menu. The information shown here also reflects changes to your stats bestowed by Weapons, Armor and Accessories you currently have equipped.


How do you increase Stats in Salt and Sacrifice?

Stats are primarily increased by Leveling Up. Shortly after beginning the game, you will be faced with an impossible encounter ending in your first death. You will then wake up in Pardoner's Vale, the game's main hub area. Heading to the west of the village and scaling the cliffs, you will find the Trifaul Idol, a large statue depicting a maiden with antlers and wings. Interacting with the idol will grant you access to the Level Up menu.

Leveling up requires Salt, the primary currency acquired by defeating enemies. Each level requires a certain amount of Salt and the cost increases with each subsequent level. Each level will grant you a Black Starstone which can be used to unlock nodes in the Tree of Skill, also accessible from the idol. Within the Tree of Skill, you can allocate your Starstones to acquire a point in one of your main attributes which can subsequently affect your secondary and other stats.

How do you respec your Stats in Salt and Sacrifice?

Every few levels, you will be granted a Gray Starstone which can be used at the Tree of Skill to unlearn a previously unlocked skill node. Doing so will transform the item into a Black Starstone which you can then reallocate into another skill of your choosing.

More details on this feature to be added.

Salt and Sacrifice Stats Soft-Cap

 When levelling your character, there will come a time when you start getting diminishing returns, i.e. the benefit you gain from levelling a particular Stat for the first few times has a bigger impact than levelling at higher levels, say at level 25/30. This is referred to as Soft-Caps.

In Salt and Sacrifice the Soft-Cap for :

  • single stat is at level 40 (ie. Vitality, Will, Endurance, Resolve, Luck or weapon with only one stat);
  • duostat is at levels 25/25 (eg. a weapon based on str/dex);
  • triostat is at levels 20/20/20 (eg. a weapon based on dex/arc/lck).

All Stats in Salt and Sacrifice

Main Attributes

Your Main Attributes (also called Abilities) determine your overall character growth. These are the Stats that you can directly control via the Level Up and Skills system, and they will influence your secondary Combat Stats and Defensive Stats. There are 9 Main Attributes available to the player:


Improves attack of strength-scaling weapons.


Improves attack of dexterity-scaling weapons.


Determines your maximum hit points.


Determines your maximum stamina.


Determines your maximum equipment load.


Improves attack of arcana-scaled weapons.


Improves attack of conviction-scaled weapons.


Determines your maximum Focus points.


Improves attack of luck-scaled weapons and increases Item find rate. 


Determines maximum health.
You can level up using Salt.


Combat Stats

These stats determine your character's properties pertaining to combat.


The amount of life the player has. The player will die when it reaches zero.


This determines the amount of attacking, spell casting, rolling and blocking the player can do before letting it recharge. Depleting the player's Focus will reduce the player's maximum stamina in a roughly proportional amount, capping at an approximately 50% reduction at zero focus.


Works as a magic bar, depletes when you use spells and incantations. Unlike stamina, it does NOT replenish on its own but can be replenished with items or at a sanctuary.


This stat represents how much the player can carry before he is overburdened. Increasing Endurance will increase this value. You will begin to flop when your equip load is above 75%, "slow-roll" when your equip load is above 50%, "mid-roll" when your equip load is above 25%, and "fast-roll" when your equip load is lower than 25%.


This stat represents how much damage can be taken before the player flinches. When you take damage, your poise will fall by the amount of attack taken. When your poise falls below 0, you flinch. Flinching will cause an attack to cancel and momentum to stop. Poise will naturally regenerate while not taking damage.


The amount of damage the player will do with the equipped weapon.


The amount of damage the player will do with the equipped weapon when performing its Ranged skills.  

Defensive Stats

These stats determine your character's damage mitigation properties.

Physical Defense

The amount of defense you have against enemies attacks.

Fire Defense

The amount of defense you have against fire damage.

Cold Defense

The amount of defense you have against cold damage.

Poison Defense

The amount of defense you have against poison damage.

Light Defense

The amount of defense you have against lightning damage.

Dark Defense

The amount of defense you have against dark damage.

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      Im starting to think the weapons skill that are divine scale off conviction and the forbidden ones off arcana… regardless of weapon scaling. I’ll try to test it out. Unless someone can confirm or deny it already.

      • Stamina and Focus descriptions are Copy/Pasted from Sanctuary here, Focus does not reduce by perfoming other actions, also Fatique and Wounding are gone (Thank God)

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          Is there any way to farm grey starstones? i remember got 1 of them as loot somewhere but is there any mob that actuall drop them? 1 every 5 level seems way to strict on the build to messing around with tbh

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            I have a blue bar covering a portion of my health bar, reducing my available health. Anyone know why it's there or how to get rid of it?

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              Poise really needs to do more than it does. Even in the heaviest armour I can get, every other attack sends me flying, and way too many areas will have you launched off a cliff if that happens. Spending half my time stunlocked or flying through the air is spoiling the genuinely good parts of the game for me.

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