Salt in Salt and Sacrifice is experience acquired primarily through defeating Enemies. Each enemy, including Bosses will drop a certain amount of Salt upon defeat. Levelling up in Salt and Sacrifice is done by spending Salt, which acts as the game's main currency. Each time you level up, the amount needed to access the next level rises.

See Leveling for details on how to level up, a breakdown of Salt necessary per level, and more.


What happens to the salt if i die?

If a player's health reaches 0, they are Obliterated and will respawn at the last Obelisk they interacted with. All currently held Salt will be dropped at the player's site of death and they will be given one chance to retrieve them. If the player dies once more before being able to retrieve their lost Salt, they are lost forever. Furthermore, players permanently lose half of their currently held Silver upon death.

How to Obtain Salt in Salt and Sacrifice

There are also certain Consumables that players can use to gain these currencies such as the Salt Splinter and Small Bag of Silver. These consumables can be found all over the world as treasure, as enemy drops or sold by merchants and are incredibly useful as they are not lost upon death until consumed. Players can effectively stockpile these items and use them when the need arises.

How to Use Salt in Salt and Sacrifice

Leveling up becomes available after reaching Pardoner's Vale, which acts as a main hub for the player. To level up, players can interact with the Trifaul Idol which is a large statue depicting a maiden with antlers and wings and can be found by scaling the cliffs on the western side of the village.

Leveling up requires spending a certain amount of Salt and each subsequent level will require an ever-increasing amount. Leveling up will increase the player's maximum Health as well as grant them a Black Starstone, which can be used to unlock a skill node in the Tree of Skill also accessible at the Trifaul Idol. The Tree of Skill allows players to unlock points in their main attributes such as StrengthDexterity and Endurance, as well as skills and other abilities, further improving their effectiveness in and out of combat.

See the Stats page for details on each of the attributes available to the Inquisitor and how they affect gameplay.

See the Skills page for details on skills that can be acquired to build your Inquisitor.


All Types of salt in Salt and Sacrifice

salt splinter consumable salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Salt Splinter

A splinter of Salt, a crystalline substance said to have formed from the ashes of stars.

salt sliver consumable salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Salt Sliver

A sliver of Salt, a weightless substance said to have come from the brilliant night sky. Crush it to gain experience.

salt slab consumable salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Salt Slab

A veritable slab of Salt. Weightless, precious beyond measure. When war is waged in the cosmos, their falling ash becomes a precious bounty for those that dwell below.

salt shard consumable salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Salt Shard

A shard of Salt, the crystal formed from ashes of the night sky.


salt piece consumable salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Salt Piece

A brittle piece of Salt, the substance formed when unknowable celestial energy falls from its perch.

salt cluster consumable salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Salt Cluster

A rich cluster of Salt, the pale and jagged remnant of some celestial violence.

salt chunk consumable salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Salt Chunk

A thick chunk of Salt, formed of the ashen dregs of the cosmos, or so it is claimed.

salt bunch consumable salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Salt Bunch

A sizable bunch of Salt, formed of countless ashes of the night sky.





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