Type Main Attribute
Effect Determines your maximum stamina

Willpower is a Stat in Salt and Sacrifice. Willpower determines your maximum stamina. Stats determine the strengths and weaknesses of our character. Stats in Salt and Sacrifice can be divided into three categories: Main Attributes, Combat Stats, and Defensive Stats. As players level up, they are granted a chance to improve one or more of their Main Attributes which then influences their secondary stats in the other categories. Additionally, your Equipment, Skills and currently active buffs and effects can also affect your Stats.


Willpower Information in Salt and Sacrifice

  • Willpower is one of the Main Attributes
  • Willpower determines your maximum stamina


How to Increase Willpower in Salt and Sacrifice?

  • Leveling up requires Salt, the primary currency acquired by defeating Enemies.
  • Each level requires a certain amount of Salt and the cost increases with each subsequent level.


Salt and Sacrifice Willpower Notes & Tips

  • Increases your max stamina by 1 (one) point per level
  • Willpower has a softcap of 40. Beyond that point, the player's maximum stamina will only increase by 0.3 points per level.


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