Ancestry in Salt and Sacrifice are the equivalent of Origins in the previous game. Ancestry is an option during character creation that determines some overall physical characteristics of the character. All Ancestries in SnS are purely cosmetic, having no in-game effect other than providing additional customization of player characters. There are 7 ancestries to pick in the demo.

Salt and Sacrifice Ancestry

The demo offers a limited view of the available origins. They are:

  • Dusk
  • Highlander
  • Mountain
  • Oasis
  • Sun
  • Wood
  • Valley

It is not know if other origins will be available, or whether full lore backgrounds for each origin will be provided by the full release of the game.

Players can peruse Character Creation to discover the other customizations available to the player character: Name, Class, Crime, Sex, Eye Color, Hair, Hair Color, Whiskers, Whiskers Color and Eyebrow Color.

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