Carved Feline

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A chiseled stone feline. It lacks horns, but is otherwise quite detailed.
Type Defensive Artifact

 Carved Feline is an Artifact in Salt and SacrificeCarved Feline is a Defensive Artifact, meaning it affects the character's defensive capabilities. Artifacts are Accessories that players can equip in order to acquire different passive bonuses on their Stats and are obtained by defeating Bosses. Which stats they may affect and how depend on the Artifact's Type, Rarity and Level. An Artifact's Type determines which stats will influence. The amount in which it affects those stats is determined by the Artifact's Level, which depends on the defeated Boss' Level. The amount of stats affected are dictated by the Artifact's Rarity.


Salt and Sacrifice Carved Feline Information

  • Item Type: Artifact
  • Artifact Type: Defensive Artifact
  • Description: A chiseled stone feline. It lacks horns, but is otherwise quite detailed.

 This item is a Defensive Artifact, meaning the affected Stats will be randomly selected from:

  • Max Health
  • Max Focus
  • Max Poise
  • Max Stamina
  • Stamina Recovery
  • Poise Recovery
  • Physical Defense
  • Poise Defense
  • Fire Defense
  • Cold Defense
  • Light Defense
  • Poison Defense

Where to Find Carved Feline in Salt and Sacrifice

Artifacts are obtained from defeating Bosses. The Artifact's Level is determined by the level of the enemy that dropped it.


Carved Feline Tips & Builds

  • Carved Feline Notes and Tips go here.


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