Artifacts in Salt and Sacrifice are Accessories that players can equip to acquire various passive bonuses. There are three different type of Artifacts, Offensive Artifacts, Defensive Artifacts and Utility Artifacts, each with their corresponding inventory slot.

All Accessories in Salt and Sacrifice


How do Artifacts Work?

There are three different types of artifact Slots, each of them providing a different set of passive bonuses that affect your Stats.

  • Offensive Artifacts: They boost your offensive capabilities.
  • Defensive Artifacts: They boost your defensive capabilities.
  • Utility Artifacts: They usually provide exploration bonuses.

Artifacts are the only items in the game with randomized passives and stats. The amount and quality of the stats will depend on the Artifact level and rarity.

How can I get more Artifacts?

Each time you defeat a Mage you'll acquire 1 artifact, but some of them can also be found inside specific chests. Check our Walkthrough for more information.

Rarity and Level

An Artifact's rarity will determine the amount of mods it comes equipped with, while the level of the Artifact will determine the values of those mods with higher level artifacts providing more stats.

  • Common: 1 Mod
  • Rare: 2 Mods
  • Very Rare: 3 Mods
  • Legendary: 4 Mods

Artifact Merchant

There's a special NPC called the Artifact Merchant that you can find at Ashbourne Village. This NPC is located east of the starting point, on top of the Archridge District gate. You'll need to clear the fist Mage Hunt and open the sealed gate located under the Artifact NPC before being able to recruit him. Once the seal is destroyed and the door is open, talk to the NPC and you'll be able to meet him on the East part of the Pardoner's Vale.

Once you talk with him at town, you'll be able to Purge Artifacts, Bolster Artifacts and Combine Memories.

Purging Artifacts

Purging an Artifact allows you to destroy it in order to acquire Memories. Memories can be used in the Bolstering process to re-roll your Artifacts. The type of Memory that you get will depend on the artifact that you are purging.

Combining Memories

You can combine 2x of a type of Memory into it's next possible rarity.

Bolstering Artifacts

You can use Memories to re-roll your Artifacts. You'll need to spend 1x Memory of the same rarity as the artifact (Level doesn't affect this process). The type of artifact and its level will remain unchanged.

It's important to mention that both Mods and Stats are re-rolled by Bolstering and Artifact, and you won't be able to see the outcome until the process is complete.

All Artifacts in Salt and Sacrifice

Offensive Artifacts

 Offensive Artifacts can roll the following mods:

  • Melee Damage
  • Damage vs Mages
  • Melee Reach
  • Attack Speed
  • Poise Damage
  • Range Damage
  • Stamina Reduction
  • Rage Buildup
  • Damage vs Minions
  • Damage vs Guardians
  • Damage vs Undead
  • Damage vs Hazeburnt
  • Damage vs Scavengers
  • Damage vs Inquisitors

Defensive Artifacts

 Defensive Artifacts can roll the following mods:

  • Max Health
  • Max Focus
  • Max Poise
  • Max Stamina
  • Stamina Recovery
  • Poise Recovery
  • Physical Defense
  • Poise Defense
  • Fire Defense
  • Cold Defense
  • Light Defense
  • Poison Defense

Utility Artifacts

 Utility Artifacts can roll the following mods:

  • Chance of Free Ammunition
  • Silver Find
  • Item Find
  • Salt Find
  • Silver Retained on Death
  • Salt Retained on Death
  • Runic Arts Damage
  • Alchemy Damage
  • Ranged Damage


pilgrim's urn artifact salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Pilgrim's Urn
An urn bearing the ashes of a treasured companion. A pilgrim must embark, and the ashes must find their home.
beloved idol artifact salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Beloved Idol
Chiseled stone idol of an unnamed god. The sculptor's hands shake, but their rough-hewn sculpture speaks of timeless wisdom.
emerald feather artifact salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Emerald Feather
A chiseled feather of shimmering emerald. It's not as fragile as it seems; no Inquisitor's tool can afford to be.
incantation bowl artifact salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Incantation Bowl
A bowl of protections and curses. The glyphs it bears draw in and seal away many invisible forces of evil.
carved vessel artifact salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Carved Vessel
A wooden drinking horn. It is sturdy, well-crafted, and seems to resonate with tales of ale and camaraderie.
golden armlet artifact salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Golden Armlet
An armlet of pure gold, set with brilliant emeralds.
jeweled fibula artifact salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Jeweled Fibula
An ornate brooch bearing three brilliant red jewels. The brooch's centerpiece is a deific icon of rare stone.
carved feline artifact salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Carved Feline
A chiseled stone feline. It lacks horns, but is otherwise quite detailed.
engraved box artifact salt and sacrifice wiki guide 128px
Engraved Box
A simple wooden box, painted green. Its engravings depict ancient scenes of divine gatherings.


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    • Anonymous

      Majority of artifacts cannot be bolstered, cus they are max possible lvl already. Some i bolstered allowed to do it only 1-3 times, which is simply not enough rerolls to get 'ok' stats. I found lvl 24 artifact and it gave +11 HP, while 10-12 lvl ones only giving 4-6 HP, so yeah, level influences numerical stats a lot. It might be a good idea to go for bolsterable white artifact of high lvl to get really huge single stat.

      For me upgrading always resulted in slightly higher stats, like +0,3 per level atleast. In Game+ mode you get high lvl artifacts from beggining and it becomes the only source of further power scaling, since your weapon and dmg stat already maxed by this point.

      • Anonymous

        Does Bolstering an Artifact actually Increase the base stats in addition to the reroll? The increasing of the Artifact's level seems to imply Yes, but it isn't clear.

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