Artifact Merchant

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Location Ashbourne Village
Pardoner's Vale
Role Artifact Merchant

Artifact Merchant is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Artifact Merchant is a provider of special Artifact-Related services. He is an Archridge District local who had his home fallen to the monsters and forced to move to Pardoner's Vale, where he can be found just up the steps to the right of Champion Hera's Location. 


Artifact Merchant Location in Salt and Sacrifice

  1. Artifact Merchant can initially be found at the Archridge District within Ashbourne Village. This area is locked at first, requiring at least 1 Heart of a Named Mage to access, and is located past the eastern Obelisk inside a large building. Unseal the door but before heading in, grapple up to the ledge just above the door to find the Artifact Merchant.

  2. He will then move to Pardoner's Vale due to his home having fallen to the monsters. On your next visit, he can be found just up the steps to the right of Champion Hera and will provide special Artifact-Related services.


Salt and Sacrifice Artifact Merchant Shop

Item Name Item Type Purchase Value
Haze Spiral Crafting Material 100 Silver Pieces
Wispleaf Crafting Material 100 Silver Pieces





Quest and Details related to Artifact Merchant in Salt and Sacrifice

The Artifacts Merchant in Salt and Sacrifice offers the following options upon interaction:

  • Talk:
    • Engage in conversation for further knowledge of Lore.
  • Purge Artifacts:
    • Purging an Artifact allows you to destroy it in order to acquire Memories that can then be used in the Bolstering process to re-roll your Artifacts. The type of Memory that you get will depend on the Artifact that you are purging.
  • Combine Memories:
    • You can combine 2 of a type of Memory into it's next possible rarity:
      • 2x Pale Memory: 1x Dusk Memory
      • 2x Dusk Memory: 1x Nocturne Memory
      • 2x Nocturne Memory: 1x Dawning Memory
  • Bolster Artifacts:
    • Allows you to upgrade artifacts with Purged Memories. You can use Memories to re-roll your Artifacts. You'll need to spend 1x Memory of the same rarity as the Artifact (Level doesn't affect this process). The type of artifact and its level will remain unchanged. It's important to mention that both Mods and Stats are re-rolled by Bolstering an Artifact, and you won't be able to see the outcome until the process is complete.
  • Split Pyrstone:
    • Break apart superior Pyrstones (Ashpyr, Blazepyr, Frospyr, Mosspyr, Goldenpyr, Voidepyr) into multiple lower-grade Stones.
  • Buy:
    • Access the Merchant's Shop.


Salt and Sacrifice Artifact Merchant Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and tips about this character go here



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