Runereader Diedela

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Location Pardoner's Vale
Role Custodian of the Mirrorgate

Runereader Diedela is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Runereader Diedela serves as the custodian of the Mirrorgate in Pardoner's Vale. She teaches the player how to work the mysterious device and grants them their very first set of Runestones for travel. 


Runereader Diedela Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Runereader Diedela can initially be found at the Pardoner's Vale. To find Diedala, head down the stone steps west of Champion Hera's initial location, until you reach a cat sitting on a barrel. From here, take the steps heading down to the east and you will arrive at a large stone arch structure.


Quest and Details related to Runereader Diedela in Salt and Sacrifice

Your first interaction with Runereader Diedala will teach you how to work the Mirrorgate in Pardoner's Vale, giving you your first set of Runestone. The Mirrorgate allows travel to the different locations in the Alterstone Kingdom and is an important facility in the village.

In addition to teaching you the basics, Runereader Diedala will also unlock special Fated Hunts when you return items known as Tomes of Fate to her. Fated Hunts are randomly generated Mage Hunts in various locations which refresh daily and scale to your current level in terms of difficulty and loot. There is one Tome of Fate in all of the major locations and each Tome unlocks a set of Fated Hunts. You must have defeated The Green Huntsman to access fated hunts.


Salt and Sacrifice Runereader Diedela Notes & Trivia

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