Herbalist Shanna

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Location Pardoner's Vale
Role __role__

Herbalist Shanna  is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Herbalist Shanna is the first NPC Character you meet in the game, as she is watching over you when you wake up at Pardoner's Vale.


Herbalist Shanna Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Herbalist Shanna can be found at Pardoner's Vale.

  • This NPC moves/does not move


Quest and Details related to Herbalist Shanna in Salt and Sacrifice

When you wake up in Pardoner's Vale after the Prologue, Herbalist Shanna will gift you 5 Hearthen Flasks. This are reusable tools that you can use to heal yourself when wounded. 

You can give the Wooden Doll (Vagrancy starting gift) to her to receive a Gray Starstone.

Salt and Sacrifice Herbalist Shanna Notes & Trivia

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