Merchant Raury

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Location Ashbourne Village
Pardoner's Vale
Role Merchant

Merchant Raury is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. Merchant Raury is a representative of the Blueheart Runner faction and serves as a purveyor of special equipment and other items. He is a prisoner of the Stonehall Dungeon of Ashbourne Village, who moves to Pardoner's Vale once rescued.


Merchant Raury Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Merchant Raury is initially imprisoned in the lower-west section of Stonehall Dungeon in Ashbourne Village. He is found in a locked room and rescuing him involves several steps:

  1. Defeat a total of two Named Mages in Ashbourne Village. One heart is required to unlock the entrance to The Archridge District and a second one is required to unlock the entrance to the Stonehall Dungeon.
  2. Find the Simple Key in eastern Archridge District, on a ledge above Kundry Kahn's Mage distortion where his hunt can be initiated.
  3. Use the Simple Key to unlock a chest in the upper-west of the Archridge District's rooftops area. This chest contains the Hideout Key.
  4. Unseal the Stonehall Dungeon's entrance which can be found in the Craterstone Mines' lower section.
  5. Inside the dungeon, head to the lower-west to find a locked door. Use the Hideout Key to unlock this door.
  6. Speak to Merchant Raury and answer "Yes" to his question to receive the Facepalm gesture and have him move to Pardoner's Vale.

 For an in-depth guide, see the Ashbourne Village Walkthrough page.

  • This NPC Moves; After exhausting Raury's dialogue at the Stonehall Dungeon, he will move to Pardoner's Vale permanently, where you will unlock him as a Merchant. You can find him there at the Treacher's Grotto underneath the village.


Salt and Sacrifice Merchant Raury Shop


Quest and Details related to Merchant Raury in Salt and Sacrifice

Finding and talking to Merchant Raury at Stonehall Dungeon unlocks:


Salt and Sacrifice Merchant Raury Notes & Trivia

  • By joining the Blueheart Runners, players unlock the Blueheart Runners ps5 bronze trophy trophy.
  • Notes and tips about this character go here



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      Not sure if its from the last patch, but Merchant Raury (the Blue Runners vendor) also sells a Vanguard Weapon now, the Hazecraft Machine (Class 5 Vanguard). Unfortunately it requires 50 tokens to buy and PVP is dead these days.

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