Stablehand Bren

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Location Pardoner's Vale
Role Merchant

Stablehand Bren is an NPC in Salt and Sacrifice. As his name implies, Stablehand Bren is in charge of the stables at Pardoner's Vale, serving as the caretaker of the reindeer used by the villagers for transport. He can be found west of the steps leading up to the Trifaul Idol.


Stablehand Bren Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Stablehand Bren can be found at Pardoner's Vale, west of the Trifaul Idol.

  • This NPC moves/does not move


Quest and Details related to Stablehand Bren in Salt and Sacrifice

The entire Scavenger's Set, together with the Earcutter Greatblade, is gifted to players by Stablehand Bren after defeating 4 Named Mages in Ashbourne Village.

Talk to Stablehand Bren after defeating The Hate-Cursed Matriarch at Bol Gerahn to receive the Scorn Gesture.


Salt and Sacrifice Stablehand Bren Notes & Trivia

  • You can find a chest containing 2x Guiltless Shards in Pardoner's Vale, behind the reindeer within the stables next to Stablehand Bren.
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