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Item Usage
A simple metal key. It seems to be of a type typically associated with metal lockboxes.

Simple Key is a Key Item item in Salt and Sacrifice. Key Items are known as main important items that are necessary to progress. These Key Items include objects such as Keys and Items for Quests. These grant users access to next locations allowing them to move further within the game. They can be obtained through drops or found throughout the different Locations.



Salt and Sacrifice Simple Key Information

Simple Key can be used to open the Lockbox in the Ashbourne Village containing the Hideout Key.

  • Item Type: Key Item
  • Use: A simple metal key. It seems to be of a type typically associated with metal lockboxes.


Where to Find Simple Key in Salt and Sacrifice

Simple Key is found at Ashbourne Village, near the spot where Kundry Kahn's hunt is initiated. Head up the ladder to the east and up the wooden platforms. Note the grappling point under the concrete ledge on the left. Grapple to it to reach a wooden platform on the left with a Treasure Chest containing the Simple Key.


Simple Key Tips & Builds

  • Simple Key Notes and Tips go here.


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