Cryomancer Helm

Heavy Armor

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Phys: __phys__ Fire: __fire__
Cold: __cold__ Poison: __poison__
Light: __light__ Dark: __dark__
Weight: __weight__ Poise: __poise__

Cryomancer Helm is a Heavy Armor Helm in Salt and Sacrifice under the Heavy Armor category. All armor pieces in Salt and Sacrifice can be obtained in multiple ways, be it from random drops by eliminating certain Enemies, by Crafting using the Materials gathered from defeating Mages, or by discovering treasure chests in different locations during exploration throughout the game.


 Salt and Sacrifice Cryomancer Helm Information

  • Armor Class: __class__
  • Armor Type: Heavy Armor
  • Armor Set: __set__
  • __differentiator__


Where to Find Cryomancer Helm in Salt and Sacrifice

  • __location__
  • This item was featured in the demo of Salt and Sacrifice.


Cryomancer Helm Notes & Tips

  • ???
  • Cryomancer Helm Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia go here.


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