Royal Retinue Questline is an NPC Mission and one of the Quests in Salt and Sacrifice (SnS). Quests are various tasks or missions that a player can acquire and complete throughout the game, typically giving a reward such as Weapons, Armor or other equipment and items. This page features guided information on Royal Retinue Questline including how to start it, where to find relative NPCs, Boss fight strategies, rewards and more.


Royal Retinue Questline Information

The Royal Retinue Questline begins after the player completes Bol Gerahn and unlocks the Runestone to travel to Corvius' Mire. This quest involves King Alnor, the King of Alterstone Kingdom who had fallen ill after the return of Mages. In order to cure his condition, his royal retainer Arch Hierophant Anomalis suggests bringing him to the Elder Copse is the best option and tasks the player with finding the means to do so.


Royal Retinue Questline Objectives

  1. Head to the formerly locked tent far to the west of Pardoner's Vale, past the cat sitting on the barrel. The guard outside will now let you in. Speak to Arch Hierophant Anomalis to begin the questline.
  2. Find the Royal Retinue in Dreadstone Peak. They can be found in a mage-sealed room in the upper levels of the main building in the Temple of Eleven complex. This room requires the hearts of 2 Named Mages to unseal.
  3. Find the Royal Retinue in the Elder Copse. They can be found on a balcony directly above the lowest Obelisk of the Citadel of Sky. The Citadel can be accessed after devouring the hearts of 2 Named Mages.
  4. Speak to Arch Hierophant Anomalis at the Elder Copse location to receive the Divine Sight Elixir. Speak to him again after consuming the item to receive the Elixir of Peace. You can repeat this any number of times to receive either elixir, whichever one's effect is not currently active.


Royal Retinue Questline Walkthrough


Pardoner's Vale
Dreadstone Peak
Elder Copse



Royal Retinue location in Pardoner's Vale

After completing Bol Gerahn and unlocking the Runestone to Corvius' Mire, return to Pardoner's Vale. If you speak to Champion Hera, she will inform you of a royal summons and tells you to go to the guarded tent far to the west of the village, past the cat sitting on a barrel. Head for the tent and the guard will now let you in.

Inside, you can speak to the retainer in pink (Arch Hierophant Anomalis) as well as King Alnor himself for some backstory. The retainer will tell you that the best option to cure the king is to bring him to the Elder Copse.

royal retinue pardoners vale walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

The Royal Retinue in the King's Tent west of Pardoner's Vale

After completing Corvius' Mire and acquiring the Runestone to Dreadstone Peak, return to the King's tent in Pardoner's Vale. The Royal Retinue will have disappeared and in their place will be a Treasure Chest containing the Ecclesial Mitre, Ecclesial Vestments, Ecclesial Skirt and Ecclesial Sleeves.

ecclessial set location walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

A Treasure Chest left behind by the Royal Retinue, containing the Ecclesial Set



Royal Retinue location in Dreadstone Peak

The Royal Retinue will move on to Dreadstone Peak after you unlock it. You can find them in a room past a mage-sealed door inside the main, largest building of the Temple of Eleven complex. This door can be found on the floor above Zyzak Zuun's initiation point, on the eastern side just before the platforms leading up to the next floor. To unseal this door, you will need to kill and devour the hearts of 2 Named Mages. Refer to the Dreadstone Peak Walkthrough page for details on how to accomplish these tasks.

Inside the room, you can speak to the guard, the priest and the King for some backstory and hints on what to do next.


door to royal retinue dreadstone peak walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

The door to the Royal Retinue in the main Temple of Eleven building

royal retinue dreadstone peak location walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

The Royal Retinue in Dreadstone Peak


After defeating Kraeaxenar and unlocking the Elder Copse, leave Dreadstone Peak and return. Make your way back to the room. The Royal Retinue will have moved on to the Elder Copse and in their place will be a Treasure Chest containing the Royal Crown, Royal Cuirass, Royal Gauntlets and Royal Greaves.

royal set walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

A treasure chest with the Royal Set in place of the Royal Retinue 



Royal Retinue location in Elder Copse

The Royal Retinue will move on to the Elder Copse once you unlock it. To find them, you will need to gain access to the Citadel of Sky in the upper-west by first defeating 2 Named Mages in the area. Refer to the Elder Copse Walkthrough page for details on how to accomplish these tasks.

Inside the Citadel of Sky, make your way along the linear path to the first balcony in the east where the lowest Obelisk can be found. Directly above this Obelisk, you will find the Royal Retinue. You can reach them by climbing the platforms. Speak to the adviser in pink and exhaust his dialogue to receive a Divine Sight Elixir. Drinking this item will change the animation for devouring Mages, revealing your true form. After drinking the elixir, you can speak to the adviser again to receive an Elixir of Peace which will revert the effect. From this point on, you can always return to the adviser at this location to receive these elixirs, alternating between the two depending on whether you are currently "seeing truth" or enjoying "peace in ignorance".

royal retinue elder copse walkthrough images salt and sacrifice wiki guide

The Royal Retinue found in a balcony above the lowest Obelisk in the Citadel of Sky




Royal Retinue Questline Notes & Tips

  • Despite reaching the Elder Copse, the King is never cured of his condition and the questline ends abruptly, having no resolution.



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